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Art is therapy.

Turning pain into beauty.

Image by peter bucks

   Art can be an extremely vulnerable subject and way of expression. It can help us grow, heal, and move on from situations and chapters in our lives. Tattoos are no different except they make a permanent time stamp on a period in our lives. Some people prefer their body to stay a blank canvas, others enjoy looking at their body as a road map, just following the signs.

 My Mission:

  1. Making the truths of life easier for us (through art)

  2. Fulfilling a basic human need to create

  3. Helping one become a more whole person

  4. Having the opportunity to help you experience the joy

  5. Building bridges across diverse backgrounds

*All testimonials can be found on the Golden Anchor Tattoo Facebook, Google, and Yelp page*

My artist Emily was so professional and helpful in making my tattoo just how I wanted it. She was patient and gave me several tattoos that I will cherish forever. The shop itself is clean and has a great, laid back atmosphere. HIGHLY recommend!!

— Colette Pearson, Client

I’ve had multiple tattoos at this shop from multiple artists and I have to say it’s the best shop I’ve been to. The environment is very chill, the staff is very knowledgeable and the shop is spotless. My current artist is Emily Wynne and her work continues to impress me.

— Decker Ellis, Client

I love love love this shop. I`ve been three or four times so far with more appointments lined up, and everything the artist (Emily) has been super accomodating, really making sure that I get exactly what I want. It`s a really inviting atmosphere with the other artists around too. You`re really getting what you pay for here, I can`t recommend this shop enough.

-Tiffanie Goad, Client

My new go to artist is Emily! (Also @wynningtattoos on ig) she has done a few of my tattoos now and I’m absolutely in love. She has such amazing talent and is so sweet. The shop itself is a very welcoming place and I love the vibe. Definitely my top suggestion for tattoos!

-Ayanna Camille, Client

It was my first time there, my friend recommended I check out their shop! Emily was amazing! She  really made sure I was comfortable with the way I was sitting while getting tattooed. We were tucked away in a little room and they had a television that they allowed me to control. Felt like a dental visit but had a blast anyways! Emily did such an amazing job on my piece and was very light handed, probably one of the least painful tattoos I have gotten and it was on my elbow. Check out the filler bees she did for me and her IG! She's already a badass at tattoos and she's only just started her career! Support the talent!

- Alex Tang, Client

Emily was so awesome and welcoming! I`m a tatted transplant from Austin, and I was eager to find my new go-to artist and shop. Based on my experience with Emily and her super talented self, I definitely found my new spot. I already have another appointment lined up!

-Jasmine Carter, Client

   This is the best experience I`ve ever had at a tattoo parlor. I drive an hour out of the way to go see Emily. She is crazy talented in any style tattoo she is asked to do.

   I`ve gotten two done now, and will absolutely be back to see Emily soon. I would and do recommend to everyone.

-Ashleigh Power, Client

  I came here for my first tattoo, it was so nice & clean inside. Emily did my tattoo, she was very professional and outgoing. She made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process & she did a good job on my tattoo, I would get another tattoo from her today if I could. I definitely recommended her & the whole golden anchor tattoo family to everyone I know!

-Nissi Williams, Client

photo-1578725212000-3d4817bfc088 - Copy.
photo-1531842079698-faef422fa5df - Copy.

Absolutely love Golden Anchor tattoo! This is the most laid back, welcoming environment and the people are talented af. Emily (@wynningtattoos) is an artistic angel who`s done an entire sleeve for me and there isn`t a single day that I don`t receive compliments on it. I can`t give her & the shop enough stars cause it doesn`t exist/ so 5 it is.

-Kevin Freiberg, Client

Been going here for a good couple years and all the tattoo artists are amazing. Emily is amazing tho!  Loved me n my besties tattoos 

-Cathy Hoyos, Client

Third Eye Tattoo

I Love the tats I got here. Emily Wynne was my artist and she was super professional and accommodating. Everyone was super friendly and talented. The space was clean, welcoming, and comfortable. I highly recommend.

-Abdullah Badaway, Client

Sunflower Tattoo

I had a great experience with Emily ! She's very personable and accommodating. @wynningtattoos tattooed one of her original mandala designs beautifully on my stomach . It's a sensitive spot but she was as gentle as possible which I appreciated. Communication was on point through the entire process. The shop was clean and had cool decor and the other staff were friendly.

-Melissa Jones, Client


Great service! Was here on vacation so was super last minute and Emily took me no problem! Did an awesome job and super friendly.

-Marimar R, Client

This is my first time getting a tattoo from here, and it was a great experience. Emily tattooed the back of my lower left leg, and she did an awesome job. She was very nice and personable. She was also gentle when doing my tattoo. I will definitely be back!!

-Sia R, Client

Cool Girl with Tattoos

i'm definitely going to be back soon! the wait wasn't long, everything looked really clean and the artists and clients were all wearing masks from what i saw.
i can only really speak for emily but she was incredible! she had multiple sizes of the tattoo already printed out, very thorough and made sure to check that i was happy with placement and ideas for shading etc.
she has a pretty light hand, nice line work, great designs, honestly i can't say enough about how much i enjoyed her. i'm absolutely going to get more tattoos from her and my roommate has reached out to set up an appointment with her as well.
definitely recommend!

-Madi B, Client

I am really happy with my tattoo and this place was really calming. Kind of wish it was a bigger studio and they had bigger rooms but I had Emily and my tattoo came out exactly the way I wanted it to!! My first tat and it didn't hurt that much at all, I really psyched myself out for nothing. I really wish this studio was bigger tho because for some reason I got so claustrophobic in there?  but that's just me. Thank you so much, now I'm thinking of my next tat :)

-Priya R, Client

I was recommended to go to this shop over all others I asked about when I was looking for my first tattoo. I found Emily Wynne on the web and booked with her. She was amazing from start to finish or the process. I am already booking with her again and my first one isn't even healed yet :) I found her to be very sweet, light handed, patient and an amazing artist. She made sure I was comfortable and worked with me to get the design the way I imagined it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

-Audrey L, Client

Image by Antonino Visalli

This was my first big tattoo and I did a lot of looking before choosing a place to get it done. I chose to get a larkspur flower done by Emily. SHE WAS AMAZING! The work is absolutely beautiful and she was very flexible and excited. We probably went through at least 5-6 design changes and she made it seem like no big deal. The tattoo was over pretty quickly and was very well executed. I’m so happy with how it turned out and I felt so comfortable and safe with Emily. She is very trust worthy and communicates well! Would absolutely go back!

-Madi D, Client


I got a beautiful fig branch by Emily and it was by far the best tattoo experience I have had! She sketched up the perfect piece and did a phenomenal job on all the linework and shading. Definitely will be going back :)

-Cato J, Client


Loved the staff and my new ink! 5 out of 5!

-Jay B, Client

Image by Felipe Vieira

Had my first tattoo here and I absolutely love it!!! And I had an amazing experience getting it. My artist was emily @wynningtattoos and she made sure I was calm and comfortable throughout the whole thing. I couldn't be happier with my tattoo and can't wait to go back

-Alexa S, Client


Great experience!!!! Got my first ever tat here by Emily, very detailed, stunning floral design! Everyone here was so welcoming and transparent about the tattoo process to me as a newcomer and I couldn't be more happy with my art!!!

-Scott, Client

Emily was amazing! I got my first tattoo from her recently and she really helped me feel comfortable and calm throughout all of it. She did a really good job and was very professional as well, I definitely plan on getting more done by her!

-Ginger P, Client


Awesome job! I was set up with two artists to collaborate on one piece. And so far so good! My first artist is working on a floral design. Emily Wynn! She's amazing. She is very open to suggestion and even let me choose a lot of the colors! Her strengths are shading, being approachable/friendly, and she apparently great with floral. Update to come when I start my geometric art.

-Cody T, Client

I just got my first tattoos and I love them! Emily did a wonderful job on both of my tattoos, and it was quicker than I thought it would be. I love how she talk to me about everything she did, and she is a wonderful person to go to if you want to get your tattoo done.

-Michaela X, Client

Portrait by the Sea

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Emily at Golden Anchor. Firstly, the shop is very clean and professional. Emily is so kind, understanding, talented, and funny! I had so much fun getting to know her, I love that she has her sessions in her own small "studio" room so it feels more personal. Theres even a TV in there for Netflix. That was amazing. 

Overall, I couldn't recommend Emily and the shop more. Her vast experience with botanical designs, color + watercolor, and her genuine openness and consideration made the experience better than I could`ve imagined! Thanks for everything, Emily !

-Alexander F, Client

Cool Girl with Tattoos
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