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Frequently Asked Questions

Do tattoos hurt?

Can I get a tattoo under the age of 18 with parental consent?

Does your shop also do piercings?

How much does a tattoo cost?

Do you work with color?

Do you work on darker skin tones?

When is the best time of year to get a tattoo?

How should I care for my tattoo after getting it?

What transaction methods are accepted?

What styles do you do?

Do you tattoo hands, necks, or faces?

Can I bring my child or younger sibling (Under 18 years old) to my appointment?

Can I bring a friend or family member for support?

-Regardless of the area...yes, it will hurt. Just be prepared for that and try to keep it in mind when choosing a location. Everyone's pain tolerance is different.

-Nope. It is against the law to tattoo anyone under 18 years old even if a parent signs off on it. #Sorrynotsorry

-Unfortunately, we do not. Strictly tattoos only.

-   Pricing can vary widely. Typically, artists make up their own pricing, either by the hour or flat rate.

   Our shop minimum is $100 so regardless of how small the tattoo is, thats where the pricing will start.

   For smaller pieces (palm-sized or smaller), I charge a flat rate price.

   My half day rate is $750 (3-4 hours with a short break if needed) and my whole day rate is $1,250 (7-8 hours with two breaks if needed)

-Yes, however, I`m not as well versed in color as my mentor. I like to stick with watercolor and pops of color rather than fully saturated pieces

-Yes! I work on all skin tones and types. Despite each skin tone having its own unique set of rules and challenges, I have had success with my pale and darker-skinned clients! With that being said, there are some limitations to what can be achieved with dark skin so if you have questions, feel free to ask them!

-Any time of year where you can keep your tattoo completely covered is the most ideal time to get it. Avoid getting a tattoo in the summer at all costs. Swimming, tanning, and being exposed to the sun will ruin a tattoo quickly.

-I recommend using Aquaphor for the aftercare of my tattoos. It`s great for cracked skin and odorless! After the tattoo has finished peeling, you can switch to an odorless lotion if you`d prefer. During the healing process, you should use a fragrance-free soap like a dial or dove bar. Avoid body washes or shower gels as they can dry out your skin.

-We accept Cash, Card, and Cashapp here.

I prefer cash if you can manage!

 Keep in mind Card transactions may be subject to a 3.5% processing fee.

-I naturally gravitate towards illustrative, dot-work, watercolor, etching, and black-work styles. I love to do floral and nature inspired tattoos.

- I do not tattoo any of these locations, especially hands or fingers. 

It`s nothing personal but tattoos are a lifelong commitment. Trendy tattoos are exactly that, a trend.

More recently, our shop has collectively decided to no longer do finger tattoos. 

-I strongly advise against it. We do not allow children inside the shop at all and we also I.D.

You`ll have to have someone take care of them outside of the shop during your appointment. 

-Due to Covid-19, we are not allowing anyone but those getting tattooed to come back during the appointment.

Something to keep in mind is most tattoo artists prefer you to come without a group, unless they are also getting tattooed.

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